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Bring out the best of your home or business with marble polishing services

Polishing is a wonderful technique that helps keep marble countertops free from water and various types of stains. Some people think that applying a coat of sealer after one year would be enough to keep the structure maintained and in excellent condition. However, they do not understand that this is only the first step in maintaining a beautiful structure. The sealant helps to block small holes or cracks that can allow water to enter and cause permanent staining. A good polishing is necessary to maintain the shine of the surface.

Johnny Stone Work in Astoria & Long Island, NY offers you a double advantage. First of all, it highlights the natural beauty of stone, for which stones such as marble and granite are known. Another advantage is that it also restores older surfaces.

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Stain removal

There will be several sources to stain your floor over time. Among the different sources, food stains will be the most common factors in damaging your floor. If the stains go deep into the floor, it will be extremely difficult to clean it. That's where we come in - this is the first part of the process when polishing marble.

Marble honing

Mable honing gives a smooth texture to the surface of the marble. The next step in the method is to polish the floor to give it a superior shine. On the other hand, diamond abrasives are considered to be the best for polishing marble floors. For extreme situations, marble restoration activities are useful in restoring lost shine and texture to floors.

Restore your marble surfaces to like-new condition

Nothing says "luxury" like perfectly-polished marble floors or countertops. When you hire us for marble restoration services, we'll make your marble:

  • Chemical-resistant, which makes it easier to clean.
  • Durable and more slip-resistant than untreated marble.
  • Glossy and smooth, which can brighten up your space.

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